Independent and Dependent Variables


Independent Variable I.V. - the variable that we change before we run the experiment. "What do I change?"


Dependent Variable D.V. - the variable that we measure and observe. "What do I observe?"


(constants) run the experiment

c1 + c2 + I.V. D.V. + c1 + c2



1. control group = Group B 50 people and no juice

independent variable = the juice

dependent variable = amount of stapled papers.


2. control group = a shower wall with just green slime

independent variable = coconut juice

dependent variable = absence of slime (not seen in this case)


3. c.g. = mice that are not put in a microwave

i.v. = microwave radiation

d.v. = strength to push away the block of wood


4. c.g. = the original itching powder

i.v. = the new experimental itching powder

d.v. = the length of time for itching